Sep 24, 2011

Salad of chicory

This time, like us, that often mix and lettuce salad of bitter in chrysanthemum. Is also a recent common cold dish, chrysanthemum and lettuce bitter life experience have a different origin. Ju bitter chicory and a more Western style composed of family, fresh food for our show western side. / Gkimage / qb / nr / ad / qbnrad.png

[It said fresh and delicious salad with bitter chrysanthemum, cucumber, olives, cooked small potatoes, cooked eggs, slice, tomato slice, and canned tuna, served with black pepper, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, nutritional and tasty, full of French style . I wish you have a good appetite Oh. ]

Bitter Ju (cultivated endive)

Western-style salad with fashionable up until the bitter Ju Ju, though not really, but it is a large family Asteraceae, a member of its scientific name Cichorium endivia, which is cultivated chicory, chicory is attributed to Asteraceae.

Cultivation of Chicory is a western representative of raw vegetables. It’s eating a variety, or will eat up the fresh leaves used to make delicious salad. And wild chicory strong bitter taste different after cultivated chicory, bitter taste has been very faded. Fresh leaves of species of cultivated chicory water-rich and unique flavor, simple and olive oil vinaigrette mixed up, there are special crisp taste. Cultivation of chicory rich in wild lettuce and chicory acid elements, they are also a source of bitter wild chicory.

/ Gkimage / qj / tg / fx / qjtgfx.png[Split leaf chicory, is what we often say that a "bitter Ju." (Source:]

Commonly cultivated chicory, there are two, one is what we usually say that the bitter Ju, including cleft leaf chicory (curly endive) and broken leaf endive (frisée), bitter chrysanthemum was first translated as “endive”, in order, and the true endive difference, it was only called bitter flowers, leaves it fragmented into fine branched, fluffy and has a bitter taste stimuli, do side dishes and salads are very attractive. There is also a broad-leaved endive (escarole), leaves hypertrophy generous, but the taste is not delicate. Its bitter taste is more light, sweet lettuce for the same pad together as a salad vegetable. As a special broad-leaved chicory coffee aroma and usually fried with olive oil and garlic together to eat.

/ Gkimage/r3/xd/gx/r3xdgx.png[Large leaves cultivated chicory varieties, broad-leaved endive. (Source]

In addition to the common bitter chicory chrysanthemum cultivation belong, we will at some upscale restaurant’s salad see two expensive vegetables, Belgian chicory (Belgian endive) and Italian chicory (radicchio), and they are suffering the same genus Chrysanthemum cousin, is a true chicory (Cichorium intybus, the English called chicory), is a different species. Here let us first look at chicory is the crowd, “is a long” Wild chicory it.


/ Gkimage/sn/3w/un/sn3wun.png[Chicory Asteraceae flowers is a rare blue grasslands in Europe can form brilliant flowers of chicory (above); can chicory leaves and other vegetables, Asteraceae, and there are no major differences (below). ]

Chicory is widely distributed in the Eurasian continent as a weed. Bing Chengju Branch family characteristics of hard, cold barren drought resistant character that it can accommodate many difficult conditions. Chicory is a perennial, coarse roots entrenched in the wasteland and the hillside, like chicory water, the river will be seen in its presence. Wild chicory with long leaves, at first glance like a wild lettuce, chicory but no thorns, leaves thin and soft. Early summer each year, from the chicory leaves in a large clump of moss out of the tall flowers, shrubs, usually as a huge inflorescence. Compositae flowers are mostly yellow or white, while the chicory flower is rare blue, its small yellow flowers, larger than the lettuce is more beautiful in the brilliant blue form on the prairie flowers.

Bitter chicory leaves, of course, thanks to its leaves in the white milk, thanks to heavy bitter chicory who can not swallow, has won the tender leaves of their favorite animals, so the chicory food on the table not only people but also their quality of livestock pasture.

Chicory also use a few people want, that is, the coffee substitute. As early as during the French Revolution, Napoleon, roasted chicory root after grinding as additives added after the coffee, chicory root which is now in Britain, the United States and other places of origin as a cheap coffee substitute. It is this use of chicory’s also an interesting nickname “coffee carrot.”

Of course, the Europeans still very early cultivation and consumption of chicory, 2,000 years BC, Greek poet Horace describes in a paper to write their own diet, “olives, chicory and Mallow is my food.” While the French cooking cultivation of chicory used as leafy vegetables are also consumed a long time. Comes from the common chicory cultivation of vegetables on behalf of the Belgian endive and radicchio in Italy.

Belgian endive (chicory shoots)

/ Gkimage/fr/jn/1v/frjn1v.png[Will do bud cultivation of wild chicory with Belgian endive. (Source:]

Belgian endive lettuce known as Bud, the Japanese complain cabbage. For Chinese people, first saw the Belgian endive dishes usually think of children (mustard family of baby food), but it is more expensive than the children food. Bright yellow Belgian endive, fresh and delicious, and broke off the general single blade directly ritual sauce, or a single cut flap with salad.

/ Gkimage/23/yj/jq/23yjjq.png[Belgian endive is the root of the chicory stout dug through the cellars, temperature and light control and nurture the buds of fresh, red and white. (Source:]

Belgian chicory Chicory is not a new species, it is only through the cultivation of chicory cultivation of a special catalyst obtained after chicory shoots. In order to ensure the taste of Belgian endive, fresh food requirements, the time saved not see the kingdom of light, because the see the light of chicory sprouts will turn green, thus increasing bitterness.

Italian chicory (chicory cabbage)

/ Gkimage/kk/ng/4k/kkng4k.png[Italian chicory look somewhat similar to the purple cabbage leaves the ball, but the cabbage and the Asteraceae relationship is far cruciferous plants, and the Italian chicory more expensive than cabbage. ]

Italy and Belgium endive chicory different, it is natural to package the ball, it is also called “shell dishes.” Cabbage and other vegetables can be compared to the Italian chicory is full of nobility, not too expensive, taste and color better than other vegetables, cabbage, so is the finest of Italian chicory salad garnish. Italian chicory leaves the ball is spherical, and some leaves the ball slightly different shape and color varieties, called “Treviso”, “Tardivo” and so on.

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